R.O.C.S. Teens "Chocolate Mousse"

R.o.c.s. Teens “Chocolate Mousse”

8 - 18
Danger 15
Danger: 15

Safe for most peoples.
Medium choice.

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For school age children, including teenagers, it is not only caries that is common, but also inflammatory periodontal diseases, due first and foremost to an abrupt relaxation of control from the parents, and consequently, a bad oral hygiene.

Throughout the school age, the enamel maturation process (until age 18) can be supported by using toothpastes containing the enzyme and mineral MINERALIN® BIO-complex, which ensures a long-lasting protection against the formation of dental plaque – the main cause of all dental diseases.

The ingredients are carefully balanced in order to take into account the age-related changes in teenagers, characterized by an increase in the risk of gum inflammation and caries.

Dentists especially recommend the use of toothpastes without fluoride in cases where there is a risk of excess fluorine entering the body:

• If the child already displays visible symptoms of fluorosis
• If there is excess fluorine in the water (over 1.2 mg/l)
• If the child was prescribed medicine containing fluoride

Does not contain sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens or fluoride.

*Confirmed during clinical trials.

The protection against caries and inflammation* is ensured by two active components of the MINERALIN complex: high concentrations of XYLITOL (12%), which suppresses cariogenic bacteria, and BIOAVAILABLE MINERALS (CALCIUM GLYCEROPHOSPHATE AND MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE), which are a source of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. Has prebiotic properties – normalizes the microbial makeup of the oral cavity*, which is especially important during dysbiosis of the oral cavity.

*Confirmed during clinical trials

Mechanism of action
Young enamel is highly susceptible to the effects of minerals contained in the toothpaste. CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS AND MAGNESIUM are the main structural elements of the enamel. The more of them the enamel contains, the higher the resistance of the hard dental tissues to the destructive effects of acid.

XYLITOL, which is included in the formula, has a strong anticaries effect caused by its impact on the pathogenic microflora of the oral cavity, it also stabilizes the pH of saliva and promotes the absorption of calcium into the enamel