R.O.C.S. PRO Brackets & Ortho

R.o.c.s. Pro Brackets & Ortho

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The R.O.C.S. PRO Brackets & Ortho toothpaste is a modified formula of the R.O.C.S. PRO Delicate whitening toothpaste with special granules that improve its cleaning properties.

Varying constructions in the oral cavity, such as braces, removable orthodontic constructions, dental crowns, removable prostheses and periodontal splints make cleaning the teeth more difficult and increase the risk of caries and gum disease. This is why PATIENTS WITH INTRAORAL CONSTRUCTIONS NEED SPECIFIC TOOTHPASTES THAT HAVE IMPROVED CLEANING PROPERTIES. The presence of a proteolytic enzyme in the formula allows to clean the teeth even in regions that are impossible to reach for a regular toothbrush, eliminate inflammation factors and ensure that the teeth and gums are clean for a long time.

ENZYME AND MINERALS PRO-SYSTEM based on high-quality natural ingredients protects against caries and gum disease* and ensures a long-lasting protection from dental plaque*.


ENZYME AND MINERALS PRO-SYSTEM protects from caries and inflammatory periodontal diseases*. These are high-cost ingredients, the inclusion of which makes it unnecessary to use foaming agents in high concentrations, antiseptics and hard abrasives.

Thanks to the ENZYME AND MINERALS PRO-SYSTEM, the teeth stay clean for a long time, the speed of dental plaque formation decreases, the gums are protected from inflammation and bleeding*, and cariogenic factors are neutralized. Minerals actively saturate the teeth with calcium and phosphorus*, improving their color and shine*.

• PREBIOTIC PRO-SYSTEM normalizes the microbial balance in the oral cavity* and prevents the attachment and multiplication of pathogenic bacteria.

• FRESH BREATH-IN PRO SYSTEM ensures long-lasting freshness, which persists for several hours. Does not impact the taste receptors.

• BIO COMPATIBILITY PRO-SYSTEM does not contain colorants, fluoride, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate or preservatives.

*Confirmed during clinical trials.