R.O.C.S. Forest Noon

R.o.c.s. Forest Noon

Danger 5
Danger: 5

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A complete absence of mint for those who prefer the gentle aroma of berries to the strong flavor of mint. When choosing the R.O.C.S. Forest Noon toothpaste, you are treating yourself to the taste of juicy raspberries every morning and evening!

Designed for continuous everyday use by adults and children over the age of 4. Ensures a high level of complex protection of the teeth and gums thanks to BIO components of natural origin, the activeness of which is preserved by the low-temperature toothpaste brewing technology. The MINERALIN® complex, containing the natural enzyme bromelain, xylitol and various mineral compounds – the source of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium ions – ensures that the toothpaste has the following effects when used:

• Brightens the enamel and shines it*,
• Strengthens the hard dental tissues and prevents caries development*
• Long-lasting cleanliness of the teeth and gums*
• Prevents the formation of black plaque and calculus*
• Relieves gum bleeding and inflammation (indicators of gum inflammation and bleeding decrease on average by 86% after 1 week of use)*
• Freshens the breath*
• Normalizes the microflora makeup of the oral cavity and relieves dysbiosis (has prebiotic properties)*

Does not contain fluoride or antiseptics. Low abrasivity.

*Confirmed during laboratory and clinical trials.

Treatment-and-prophylactic R.O.C.S. toothpaste for adults containing the MINERALIN® complex, which is a patented combination of ingredients: the natural proteolytic enzyme bromelain, xylitol, calcium glycerophosphate, magnesium chloride.

MINERALIN®: composition and properties
BROMELAIN – a purified enzyme from pineapple fruit and stalks – gently dissolves dental plaque; prevents the attachment of bacteria to the teeth and oral mucosa; possesses anti-inflammatory properties. Has been used with success in various fields of medicine for over 30 years, including as part of pharmaceutical products, and has a high clinical effectiveness.

XYLITOL – (found in grains) protects against cariogenic bacteria in high concentrations, has prebiotic qualities; promotes the absorption of calcium

CALCIUM GLYCEROPHOSPHATE AND MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE – minerals that known and beneficial to the human body – strengthen the enamel and dentin, restore the teeth’s whiteness*