TOP 10 safest toothpastes

This rating is based on an analysis of the safety of the components that make up the toothpaste. Toothpaste for which the manufacturer has not indicated the exact composition will not be included in the rating.

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Caries prevention

List of toothpastes suitable for
caries prevention

Gums bleeding

List of pastes to treat bleeding gums. List of pastes to treat bleeding gums.

Intensive remineralization

All for intensive remineralization. All for intensive remineralization

Natural care

All for natural dental care and everything related to this topic.

Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening pastes and everything related to this topic.

Tooth sensitivity

All for tooth sensitivity and everything related to this topic.

How to choose a toothpaste?

We all have different preferences, age, different dental conditions, different problems, allergies to different components are possible.
Many of us adhere to special rules in the use and use of products and you want to exclude some components from consideration, or vice versa, you want a paste that necessarily contains some component.
For example, someone does not like mint, and someone on the contrary. Someone wants to choose a paste with fluoride, and someone without fluoride.
Therefore, each person should choose a paste individually.

There are thousands of toothpastes on sale, each consists of many components. How to understand this diversity?
On our website, you can easily and quickly choose a paste with a suitable composition. You will also have information about each of the components of the toothpaste, including their potential danger and their environmental friendliness.
Many sources advise using pastes that have received the recommendation of the ADA (American Dental Association). We consider the presence of ADA to be a very good sign. But even if you have chosen a paste with ADA, we recommend that you conduct an additional analysis on the safety of the components on our website and choose according to the parameters of bleaching, age, etc.
The requirements for the safety of pastes in ADA seem to us somewhat underestimated. For example, the ADA considers triclosan quite safe “triclosan in combination with sodium fluoride has FDA approval as a drug which aids in the prevention of caries, plaque, and gingivitis”
Many studies indicate the danger of this component and many people would prefer to use a paste that does not contain it. Our experts believe that there are a sufficient number of safer pastes on the market, and that pastes with suspicious components, such as triclosan, should be prescribed by a doctor, weighing in each case the potential harm and benefit of such compositions.
Therefore, check the ADA paste for the safety of components on our website.
In addition, the ADA has not approved any fluoride-free pastes and you will not be able to use their recommendations for choosing fluoride-free pastes.

Our top

And the Internet is full of all sorts of ratings of pastes of 2021, almost all of them are just marketing rubbish, promoting a certain brand or with the goal of selling a tube in beautiful packaging and making a profit.
Our top 10 is completely different. We do not influence the place in the rating of pastes. The rating is calculated based on the safety of the components. Therefore, use our website to find the optimal and safe toothpaste.