Aquafresh Cavity Protection

Aquafresh is a fluoride toothpaste with triple protection. Cleans with calcium (Contains calcium carbonate to help clean teeth.). Clinically proven to fight cavities. For a smooth, clean feeling that gently removes stains with regular brushing . ...
Danger 12
Danger: 12

Good choice

Aquafresh Kids Ages 2+ Bubble Mint Toothpaste

Delicious flavors = happy kids. Healthy teeth = happy parents. Why not combine the two with Aquafresh® Kids products? We know it's important to encourage good habits and help make brushing fun. Aquafresh® Kids products encourage good habits and help ...
Danger 8
Danger: 8

Good choice

Aquafresh Multi Action Whitening

Aquafresh® Multi Action has not only been specially formulated to give you all-around cavity protection that lasts. It comes with Sugar Acid Protection*, provided by active fluoride, to strengthen and shield teeth against sugar acid attacks from ...
Danger 16
Danger: 16

Safe for most peoples.
Medium choice.

Aquafresh Ultimate White

Do you want teeth so blindingly white, your friends will have to throw on a pair of shades just to look at your smile? Well, you probably don't want them that white. Which is why this toothpaste is a great choice for those of you looking for a ...
Danger 11
Danger: 11

Good choice

Colgate Max Fresh Knockout

Max Fresh Knockout is uniquely formulated with odor neutralizing technology that helps destroy nasty odors and fight lingering food aftertastes*. This hydrated silica toothpaste formula, with Mint Fusion flavor, unleashes a powerful rush of ...
Danger 13
Danger: 13

Good choice

Colgate Max Fresh Shockwave

Colgate Max Fresh Shockwave Toothpaste with Cooling Beads provides mind-blowing lasting freshness. Packed with powerful micro-cooling beads, our unique toothpaste formula delivers an exhilarating cool burn to keep your breath fresh for hours. Plus, ...
Danger 14
Danger: 14

Good choice
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