R.O.C.S. Teens Go Active!

R.o.c.s. Teens Go Active!

8 - 18
Danger 7
Danger: 7

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For school age children, including teenagers, it is not only caries that is common, but also inflammatory periodontal diseases, due first and foremost to an abrupt relaxation of control from the parents, and consequently, a bad oral hygiene.

Throughout the school age, the enamel maturation process (until age 18) can be supported by using toothpastes containing fluoride and xylitol. R.O.C.S. toothpastes for both younger school-age children and teens contain the highly effective AMIFLUOR® complex, which is a source of xylitol and amino fluoride, ensuring a rapid (20 seconds) formation of a highly stable protective layer.

Thanks to this, the R.O.C.S. Teens toothpaste has the following effects:
• Increases the resistance of young dental enamel to the dissolving effect of acids by more than twice*
• Lowers the amount of calcium and phosphorus exiting the enamel of the teeth*
• Promotes an intensive saturation of the teeth with minerals, speeding up the process of enamel maturation*
• Protects the teeth against cariogenic bacteria thanks to a high concentration of xylitol*
• Ensures a reliable protection of the gums against inflammation, the level of which is as good as that of toothpastes containing an antiseptic*
• Performs the functions of a prebiotic and normalizes the microflora of the oral cavity*
• Does not damage the dental tissues thanks to a soft and low abrasive formula (RDA=39)*

*Confirmed during laboratory and clinical trials


The highly effective AMIFLUOR® complex is a source of XYLITOL and AMINO FLUORIDE, which ensures a rapid (20 seconds) formation of a highly stable protective layer.


The mechanism of the anticaries effect of fluorides is realized by improving the resistance of dental enamel to the dissolving effect of acid.

We prefer using organic fluoride salts, because data obtained during clinical trials regarding the anticaries efficiency of amino fluorides demonstrates a potential greater than that of inorganic fluoride salts.

XYLITOL, which is included in the formula, has a strong anticaries effect caused by its impact on the pathogenic microflora of the oral cavity, it also stabilizes the pH of saliva and promotes the absorption of calcium into the enamel