R.O.C.S. PRO Baby

R.o.c.s. Pro Baby

0 - 3
Danger 9
Danger: 9

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Manufactured using a very soft toothpaste base, which ensures a high-quality cleaning while being gentle enough to not damage the enamel of deciduous teeth.

98.5% of ingredients are of natural origin.

• Has remineralizing properties
• Strengthens the teeth*
• Protects against caries*
• Suppresses cariogenic bacteria*
• Protect the gums from inflammation
• Promotes the normalization of the oral cavity microbial balance*
• Thanks to the anti-microbial properties of various extracts, this product does not need to contain preservatives or to be kept in special conditions

*Confirmed during clinical trials.


Contains a calcium-based mineral complex of a high bioavailability, ensuring an active mineralization of deciduous teeth, safely and effectively protecting against caries*.

High concentrations of xylitol prevent the formation of dental plaque and the spread of cariogenic bacteria.
Honeysuckle extracts and xylitol ensure that the gums are protected during the teething period.

Safe when accidentally swallowed.

*Confirmed during clinical trials.


Hypoallergenic formula
The product is preserved by a natural preservative obtained from high-quality natural materials. Thanks to the combination of the bioavailable calcium-phosphate compound and xylitol, it effectively strengthens the teeth* and protects them from caries*. Alleviates gum inflammation and promotes the normalization of the biobalance in the oral cavity*.