R.O.C.S. Junior Berry Mix

R.o.c.s. Junior Berry Mix

6 - 12
Danger 9
Danger: 9

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A natural toothpaste for children aged 6-12. Developed especially for children undergoing permanent teeth eruption

Ensures protection against caries and strengthens the enamel of both deciduous and the first permanent teeth

Does not contain parabens, SLS or fluorides.

Safe when accidentally swallowed.

Double extract of aspen bark and xylitol protect the teeth and gums from pathogenic bacteria. The mineral complex (calcium, phosphorus and magnesium) together with xylitol effectively protects against caries*, strengthens the enamel and intensifies the shine and whiteness of young enamel*.

*Confirmed during clinical trials.

DOUBLE ASPEN BARK EXTRACT (Pópulus trémulа) – a combination of water and CO2 extracts, an extremely rich source of bioactive components that have a complex anti-inflammatory effect on periodontal tissues. The aspen bark extract activates repair and metabolism processes, improves trophical properties of periodontal tissues, and also normalizes the aggregation and deaggregation of thrombocytes affecting hemorrhagic syndrome caused by periodontal diseases. Confirmed during trials: increase in the resistance of oral cavity tissues; a statistically significant change in the activity levels of hydrolytic and energy process markers of the cell network; effect on redox reactions in the tissues.

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, the aspen extract allows for an impact on the main etiological factors of inflammation during the tooth eruption period.

CALCIUM GLYCEROPHOSPHATE, MAGNESIUM CHLORIDE, being mineral ingredients of a high bioavailability, allow to actively support the remineralization process in the teeth, increase the resistance of enamel to acids, increase the mechanical durability of the enamel, and enrich the saliva with mineral components. The eruption process is associated with a significant loss of mineral components, hence the need for an active remineralization and replenishment of calcium and phosphorus on all surface areas of the erupted tooth.

XYLITOL 12% has a complex effect on the microflora composition, suppresses the activity of cariogenic bacteria, ensures a prebiotic effect on the oral cavity microflora composition, impedes the formation of dental plaque thanks to its ability to affect the adhesion of the dental plaque microorganisms to the oral cavity tissues. Promotes the absorption of calcium into remineralized dental tissue.