R.O.C.S. BABY "Lime-blossom"

R.o.c.s. Baby “Lime-Blossom”

Danger 6
Danger: 6

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Designed for taking care of baby teeth from the earliest age onwards. The formula of this toothpaste is almost completely based on BIO-components of natural origin, the activeness of which is preserved thanks to a low-temperature brewing technology, making them as effective as possible, as well as safe to swallow.

Active components

XYLITOL (10%) protects from bacteria found in dental plaque*, restores the oral microflora balance.

LIME BLOSSOM EXTRACT cares for the gums during the teething period, protects from inflammation.


*Confirmed during trials

Mechanism of action

Thanks to a high concentration of xylitol, it ensures a high degree of protection against caries*, as well as possesses prebiotic properties, normalizing the oral cavity microflora makeup*. Lime extract helps reduce gum inflammation and discomfort during teething.

*Proven during clinical trials.