Aquafresh Cavity Protection

Aquafresh is a fluoride toothpaste with triple protection. Cleans with calcium (Contains calcium carbonate to help clean teeth.). Clinically proven to fight cavities. For a smooth, clean feeling that gently removes stains with regular brushing . ...
Danger 12
Danger: 12

Good choice

Aquafresh Multi Action Whitening

Aquafresh® Multi Action has not only been specially formulated to give you all-around cavity protection that lasts. It comes with Sugar Acid Protection*, provided by active fluoride, to strengthen and shield teeth against sugar acid attacks from ...
Danger 16
Danger: 16

Safe for most peoples.
Medium choice.

R.o.c.s. Pro Oxygen Whitening

INDICATIONS FOR USE R.O.C.S. PRO OXYWHITE OXYGEN WHITENING is a product to be used in addition to regular toothpaste. Contains oxygen atoms, which have a brightening and bactericidal effect. Effectively removes bad breath. WHITENS BOTH THE ...
Danger 6
Danger: 6

Good choice