R.O.C.S. UNO Sensitive

R.o.c.s. Uno Sensitive

INDICATIONS FOR USE R.O.C.S.® UNO SENSITIVE TOOTHPASTE Quickly relieves dental sensitivity, refreshes breath, remineralizes enamel in the lling contact area. Potassium nitrate eliminates pain. Xylitol protects against caries and bacteria growth.
Danger 18
Danger: 18

Safe for most peoples.
Medium choice.
R.O.C.S. UNO Whitening

R.o.c.s. Uno Whitening

INDICATIONS FOR USE Toothpaste R.O.C.S. Uno Whitening Restores the whiteness and natural gloss of the teeth enamel, provides high-quality cleaning and polishing. Strengthens teeth and restores gloss due to containing calcium, phosphorus and ...
Danger 12
Danger: 12

Good choice